Porter the Puppy

Why the crawling baby is like a puppy:

-He crawls on all fours
-He follows us everywhere
-He isn’t very good at following directions
-He likes to eat food left on the floor
-He can’t talk
-He is very loud at all the wrong times
-He gets into every thing
-He isn’t toilet trained
-He knows how to beg
-He steals food
-His cuteness makes us want to keep him
-He has no sense of personal boundaries
-He tries to eat shoes
-He is unbelievably adorable


Family Tree

About a week and a half ago I took the youth from church, that I work with, to a youth conference held on Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. At first I thought that it would be the standard tour they usually give, which I have been on at least ten times, but I was pleasantly surprised. They took us to several parts I never have been and showed us the latest in terms of ‘project development’. I was able to create a fan chart for both my family and Hope’s ย family. It was really cool to see my family nine generations back, but also showed my work cut out for me, as there are several ‘branches’ missing from my family. There might possibly be a few too many ‘nuts’ as well. It is really easy to create your own family tree fan chart at createfan.com. All you need is a FamilySearch account.

Graduation X2

The end finally came, I finished my Masters degree and graduated for my second time from the University of Utah.

Graduation twoThis time I hope it feels more final. Last year after I graduated with my Bachelors degree I returned to school to begin my Masters only two weeks later. This time I’m not planning on going to back to school, at least not for a while. Joe knew how hard this last year was for me and made a medal to commemorate my efforts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was excited to have lots of family at my College’s convocation. I even got my sister, my niece and nephew, and one of my brothers all of whom had to travel quite a distance to be there. I know there were other people who wanted be there but couldn’t, I felt of your support too.


I don’t know what I would have done with out such a loving and supportive husband.


It was a great day. It was especially great to gather after the convocation with many of the 20+ people from my domain who I spent so much time with this past year.

My nephew Cooper and his family came all the way from Colorado to celebrate with me.
My nephew Cooper and his family came all the way from Colorado to celebrate with me.

Later that day even more friends and family gathered for more celebration. I was especially grateful to some of my good friends from high school who traveled about an hour to be there. They stayed the entire length of the party and helped put everything away when it was over.

Jenny, Camille, Jennica, and Mikaela, you are the best!
Jenny, Camille, Jennica, and Mikaela, you are the best!

Thank you to all the friends and family who have supported me in my education and helped celebrate with me this last weekend. I couldn’t have done it without you!