About Joe 2016

It has been long overdue for another edition of “About Joe” and today is the perfect day to post this. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and finally arranged 30 songs that reflect my life, family and friends at this point in my life while building upon the original “About Joe” created more than ten years ago!

Enjoy this playlist!

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of my 30 years of adventure on this beautiful rock. 🙂


Birthday Celebration 2014

What is better than celebrating a birthday? Celebrating it over the course of the week! I felt the birthday love last week as it started with my aunts wishing me happy birthday before my birthday even started. Hope and I enjoyed lettuce wraps and other Chinese deliciousness at P.F. Changs the night before my birthday. I arrived at work the next day to find my desk decorated. Several coworkers gifted me candy, and one even bought me an exquisite strawberry shake. That night I lived out a childhood dream as I fought other kids for the driver’s seat in a fire engine at a fire station open house. To top it off Hope gave me an awesome gift: a giant cast iron skillet to cook my bacon in. I could not have asked for a better week.




Happy Birthday

Yesterday I celebrated another birthday. As has been typical of our life lately, all of the plans we made in advance fell through. Luckily Joe is resourceful and our Plan B was in all likelihood more fun than what he had originally planned. The day started by sleeping in, which is something we have not enjoyed for quite a while with our busy schedule. Then we met up with my former roommate, Kara, and headed out to Jordanelle.


Joe rented us some inflatable kayaks and we spent the afternoon paddling and jumping in and out of the water.


It was relaxing and peaceful. We left the reservoir just as an afternoon thunderstorm rolled in.


After debating about where to go for dinner and driving around for a while we finally decided to try out a place we had never been, Outback Steakhouse. Unfortunately we did not know where one was and we are too cheap to have smartphones so once again we had to be resourceful. Joe decided to use his phone to actually call someone, and my younger brother answered the call and was able to look up directions for us. Luckily we were close by and found the restaurant.


I ordered the first steak I have ever had at a restaurant and we enjoyed reminiscing on the highlights of the last year. The waiters even sang me happy birthday Australian style, which was very brief. All in all it was a great day.

26th Birthday Adventure 2012

Besides having an awesome wife who spoiled me for the past two days, (and really for the past 17 months), waking up and seeing about an inch of snow on the ground was the first best birthday present I received this year. In comparison with last month’s weather it was a miracle. We decided that we better not waste it, so we went snowboarding at Solitude. Hope made me some delicious scrambled eggs and waffles that had too much chocolate chips in them, not that I was complaining.

Because of the lack of snow recently, even this small layer caused me to dance in gratitude for a prayer answered.

We loaded up our car, Zooey, for adventure. Hope had an ‘amazing’ rental from the University’s ORP.

There were roughly two inches of fresh snow that did not completely offset the rough, icy snow, but we had fun nonetheless, and Hope is improving her snowboarding skills, despite having a sore body from all the falls.

I had another birthday surprise I was not expecting. We returned home, took showers and proceeded to finish making dinner. Hope received a text she claimed came from her friend Kara. Hope chuckled saying that her friend was ‘complaining about a teacher’. I thought that odd during Christmas Break and just shrugged my shoulders. Hope then suggested we light electric sparklers in the church parking lot next door; my slow brain began to do the math. I was convinced that there was at least one person waiting to surprise me, but I did not know who. I had a list of suspects but was utterly surprised when I saw the truck of my good friend from my freshman days at Utah State University, Jeff, and his wife Jess. I screamed like a girl at a Backstreet Boys concert and gave Jeff a big hug. I was never more excited to see them, and it made my birthday.

Yes, we acted out a Harry Potter wizard battle.

Yes, I am wearing not one, but two birthday cones on my head.

For my first day of being a 26-year-old, I never felt so young J