Valebirthersary 2016

This year we combined three special occasions into one weekend. We combined my 30th birthday adventure, Valentine’s Day and just for fun, our 5 and a half year wedding anniversary, into Valebirthersary. We ditched the kid at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, scheduled a late night pedicure (shoutout to Aveda Essence Salon & Day Spa – we loved you!), stayed at a hotel with complimentary Aggie Ice Cream (Blue Mint!), enjoyed breakfast at IHOP, and went snowboarding at Beaver Mountain with great snow and sun rays. We had a great weekend celebrating three milestones and are thankful to those who made it awesome!

Hope’s picture is probably set to private but I tried pasting it below:


Birthday Celebration 2014

What is better than celebrating a birthday? Celebrating it over the course of the week! I felt the birthday love last week as it started with my aunts wishing me happy birthday before my birthday even started. Hope and I enjoyed lettuce wraps and other Chinese deliciousness at P.F. Changs the night before my birthday. I arrived at work the next day to find my desk decorated. Several coworkers gifted me candy, and one even bought me an exquisite strawberry shake. That night I lived out a childhood dream as I fought other kids for the driver’s seat in a fire engine at a fire station open house. To top it off Hope gave me an awesome gift: a giant cast iron skillet to cook my bacon in. I could not have asked for a better week.