Nothing Yet.

To Our Baby Boy,

Today is June 13, 2014. We really want to meet you. Your mother especially wants to meet you. We love you already. We have been waiting for you and will continue to wait for you always. Personally, I want you to come sometime this weekend. Today is Friday the 13th and that would be awesome to say that you were born today. Tomorrow we plan on going on a full moon ride and that would be also be awesome to say that you were born on a chair lift under a full moon. But the moment that would have the most meaning to me would be if you were born on Father’s Day. That would be the best Father’s Day gift ever! No rush little one, but if you want to have a cool birth story, come this weekend.

Your Dad and Your Mom.

What’s Not to Love

I recently read a statement from a pregnant woman that made me cringe. She stated that she loved being pregnant, when I read that statement I burst into tears. I cannot say that I love being pregnant, one of the reasons being that I cry pretty easily. That day had been particularly stressful and I found myself feeling deeply guilty that I am not loving every moment of being pregnant. After some introspection I decided that even though I have been blessed with a relatively comfortable pregnancy, it is ok that I do not love every moment. However, there are many moments to love. In order to focus on the positive, here are my top ten list of lovable pregnancy moments.

  1. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat, especially for the first time. That moment reassured me that the exhaustion that I felt during my first trimester was indeed doing something more than making me fall asleep every night at 8:00.
  2. Reading the weekly updates on my baby’s development. I have three pregnancy apps that I regularly check, it may be a bit excessive but they each give me a little different information which I enjoy.
  3. Seeing the baby on the ultrasound. I don’t think I can even describe how exciting that was.
  4. Finding out the gender of our baby. I feel that finding out that we are expecting a boy has made it easier to bond with our little one. It has also made planning for the future easier.
  5. The kindness of others. Even though I am just barely past the halfway mark of my pregnancy, I am already amazed at the kindness of those around me. We have received several beautiful gifts from friends and family as well as several gracious offers to throw me baby showers.
  6. Feeling the baby move. Every week I feel the baby move a little more, I can’t help but smile (for now) when he kicks surprisingly hard.
  7. Dreaming of bringing our baby home. Sometimes I’ll sit in the baby’s room and look through the clothes and other little baby things we have and imagine what our little boy will look like.
  8. Reminding myself that pregnancy is truly a miracle. There are many women who would love to be in my position, we are lucky to have this baby on the way. In the end we’ll have a little person who is a little bit of me and a little bit of Joe, which is terribly exciting.
  9. Seeing Joe in a new light. Joe has been so supportive in doing little things to help me through this pregnancy. He’s gone with me to all of my appointments, he lets me sleep when I’m exhausted, and he’s been doing extra chores around the house.
  10. The support of those around me. Even though I sometimes get sick of people asking me how I’m feeling, it’s great to know that there are people all around me who support me and are concerned about me and the baby.

I am also coming to realize that pregnancy takes a lot of patience, nine months is a long time. Dreaming of the future moments also keeps me more positive. Here are the top 5 things I am looking forward to in the coming weeks and months.

  1. Seeing and holding my baby for the first time. (Of course that has to be number one.)
  2. When Joe is able to feel the baby kick.
  3. I look forward to the 18th of every month because that means I am one month closer to my due date.
  4. Baby showers. Who doesn’t love getting cute baby things? After the baby showers I will also allow myself to buy more things for the baby which I am looking forward to.
  5. Definitively deciding on a name for our little one.

22 Weeks

It’s a Boy!

On Monday we had our first ultrasound of our little one. Joe and I (and a lot of other people) were both convinced that we were having a girl, so when we found out that we are actually expecting a little boy we were surprised. Surprised in the best way possible. My eyes were glued to the monitor as we caught the first glimpses of our baby. We are thrilled that everything is checking out to be healthy and now we get the excitement of coming up with names for our little boy.


Our little guy was really wiggly, looks like we’re going to have our hands full with this one.


I love this picture of his little legs.20 Weeks

Pregnancy Through a Child’s Eyes

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant, and as I am starting to look pregnant I have gotten interesting responses from people. The most entertaining being from the kids at my job. I hadn’t planned on saying anything to the kids I work with, mostly because my due date is far enough out that the actual birth of my child shouldn’t interfere with my job. But I knew that my growing belly would cause some questions as it had for a coworker. When my coworker left for maternity leave I was left to field questions such as, “Do people die giving birth?” “Do you have to be married to have a baby?” “Isn’t she like 19, isn’t that too young to have a baby?” “Why do people not work for a while after having a baby?” I struggled to answer these questions in an honest and age appropriate manner. “Ummm…it’s very rare for people to die during childbirth, but it used to happen more often. You don’t have to be married to have a baby, but it is nice to be married before you have a baby. She’s older than 19, but 19 might be too young to have a baby. People like to take time off after having a baby to spend time with their new baby.”

This past week the kids have started to pick up on my pregnancy. In the middle of a worksheet on problem solving one of my students questioned, “Are you having a baby?” while staring intently at my stomach. I stated that I am. He replied, “I knew it! You’re belly keeps getting bigger and bigger.” I agreed and we moved on with our lesson.

While working with a younger set of students a similar interruption happened. When I answered that I am indeed pregnant they became extremely curious. One child exclaimed, “You’re pregnant!? But you’re not even fat!” which I decided to take as a compliment. This left me to explain that my baby isn’t due for several months still and I will continue to get bigger and bigger as time goes on. This information led some of the students to be confused and I explained to them that pregnancy lasts 9 months, but a lot of women don’t say anything until they start to look pregnant. Apparently the fact that pregnancy is 9 months long was new information because the kids were stunned. I decided that it was time to move on with my lesson.

The curiosity of young children never ceases to amaze and entertain me. I like to believe that these moments at my job will prepare me for the curiosity and difficult questions that my own children will inevitably ask.


18 weeks


I realize I haven’t blogged in quite a while. One of the biggest reasons is that we’ve been keeping a secret, one that I didn’t want to risk sharing. Our secret is out now, we are having our first baby. Our little one is due June 18, 2014 and we are thrilled. I am currently about 15 weeks pregnant and we’ll have our first ultrasound in about 3-5 weeks where we hope to find out the gender.

We played around with several ideas of how to share our news, and ended up telling different people in different ways. It was actually strange when we started telling people because we had kept my pregnancy a secret for so long. Here are a few of the pictures we used in revealing our secret.


On the whole I’ve felt pretty good with really no morning sickness. Now that I am in my second trimester I am even feeling a little more energetic; of which I am extremely grateful. I feel like I slept through all of October, November, and most of December. I already feel like I look pregnant and even had people at church asking me when I am due. I guess I really can’t keep it a secret anymore, which isn’t such a bad thing ๐Ÿ™‚