Porter the Puppy

Why the crawling baby is like a puppy:

-He crawls on all fours
-He follows us everywhere
-He isn’t very good at following directions
-He likes to eat food left on the floor
-He can’t talk
-He is very loud at all the wrong times
-He gets into every thing
-He isn’t toilet trained
-He knows how to beg
-He steals food
-His cuteness makes us want to keep him
-He has no sense of personal boundaries
-He tries to eat shoes
-He is unbelievably adorable


Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day. We decided to do a few things to celebrate this great planet that we live on. First we all wore green. Porter’s outfit was informative and extra green. His shirt listed steps on how to save a forest and we got the shirt and shorts at a thrift store. Buying used clothes is good for the earth because it saves old clothes from ending up in a landfill and also reduces the amount of new clothes being bought. Porter and I ate our lunch outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and the beautiful earth. He enjoyed it, I promise.


Porter wore an upcycled bib at dinner that also had tree propaganda.

After Porter was asleep I set off on a project that I’ve been wanting to do for weeks. I made a homemade cloth wipes solution and folded my cloth wipes into an old plastic wipes container. I’ve used cloth wipes off and on but I haven’t found a method that is convenient enough to stop me from using disposable ones. Hopefully this new attempt will be the one that works.


And We’re Back

Hey everyone! It has been awhile since one of us posted anything on here. The last few months with an infant provided some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences. There were times I thought I wasn’t going to make it as a new dad. But there is something about seeing a mini-me laying on the floor babbling to himself that makes me say, “Awwww! Okay, I’ll keep him one more day”. Like father like son I suppose ๐Ÿ˜‰ Our lives continue to be full of adventure. Hope has been having some success with her Etsy shop. Check it out! I am in the second semester of the Master of Public Administration program. I am excited to be traveling to Costa Rica soon to apply what I have been learning in my international community development class. We will try to stay in touch more often. Have a great day and don’t forget to #entertheadventure


I can’t believe we are already this far into October, as such I have been thinking a lot about Halloween. Now that my sewing machine is fixed I have been adding some fun Halloween items and other things to my Etsy shop, Creations By Hope. I’ll be adding more in the next few days, so check back often.

Don’t mind the cute pictures of my adorable bib model.

Sometimes When You’re Pregnant…


Your belly looks like a basketball. People also like to mention this a lot.


You get to look like a druggie. No I did not take up IV drug use but was being tested for gestational diabetes. Thankfully with the longer, much less fun test my results were in the normal range.


Your belly is the perfect shelf for your water bottle. Hands free hydration!


You get to buy fun little outfits like this one. Our little man is going to be well dressed.


You get excited by the passage of time. Each week seems like a huge landmark. You may also get very skilled at finding different ways of counting down to your due date. Right now I have a little over 8 weeks or about two months or less than 60 days til my due date.

One Year Since my Pixie Cut

One year ago I cut 14 inches of my hair off and donated it. It was a win-win situation at the time. I got to try a new hairstyle while donating my hair to women with cancer. Ever since I cut my hair I’ve been growing it out. I loved it short, but missed it long. Unfortunately I can’t switch between short and long that quickly. But my hair is growing out. This is an overview of all the stages my hair went through while growing out my pixie cut.Image

It’s good for me to look at these pictures and realize that my hair actually has been growing.


The picture above gives a more dramatic look of the change in length.


I get so impatient with my hair sometimes. This is my third time that I have chopped my hair short and donated it, but this time has been the hardest. When I cut my hair it was the shortest I have ever had it. I absolutely loved it, I didn’t even have to do anything and my hair would look nice. It was very refreshing. Now I miss my long hair and I feel like it can’t grow fast enough. But I also like change, it has taken a great deal of will power to keep myself from cutting my hair to a place where it would be easier to manage. So in order to prevent myself from doing something I would regret I decided to try something else with my hair. Instead of cutting it I temporarily dyed it red. I’m quite enjoying it so far.


Technical Battles

It seems my luck with technology in recent months has been lacking. Back in October after a terrible day at my internship I came home and bent over to check something on my car when my iPod touch fell out of my purse and landed on the pavement. I heard the thud it made and hoped it was my cellphone that has survived countless falls on cement, but was disappointed. The fall left thousands of tiny cracks on the screen of my iPod. I thought I could live with it, but as time went on pieces of the screen fell out leaving unprotected holes on the face of the iPod and minor cuts on my fingers. About a week ago we finally decided to go to Apple and trade it in for a new one at half price. Right before we went to our appointment at the โ€œgenius barโ€ my phone fell into the toilet. The irony of the situation thankfully made Joe and I laugh. We took the phone apart and placed it in rice for three days and it appears to be working ok. The only problem appears to be that the โ€œendโ€ button only works sometimes. So if weโ€™re talking on the phoneโ€”please hang up first, just in case.

Oh the irony.
Oh the irony.
You can see all the cracks, and where the pieces were beginning to fall out.
You can see all the cracks, and where the pieces were beginning to fall out.