Creations By Hope

When I was pregnant I quit my job a week and a half before my due date. I was hoping that by doing this the baby would come sooner. But he didn’t and that last week of pregnancy seemed like an eternity. To pass the time I sewed bibs in anticipation of one day opening an Etsy shop. Maneuvering around my huge belly in order to cut and sew fabric was about the only workout I could handle.

I am grateful to have the baby out and that cutting and sewing fabric is physically much easier now (though finding the time is much more difficult). With some work I have opened my Etsy shop named Creations By Hope. As I continue on this new journey of motherhood I sneak in some time to do a little sewing and work on my shop.

Stop in and check it out. As an extra bonus the first two people to comment on this post and leave an email address will be sent a 15% off coupon.

Creations By Hope