A Blast From the Past!

I opened up my Penultimate app for the first time in a long time and found this little treat that someone I love drew.



We graduated! Because we both graduated the same day in different colleges, we and some very dedicated family members sat through a total of five hours of graduation ceremonies. Most of which was listening to the names of strangers being read over the loud speaker. Thanks to everyone who came and supported us amidst all that monotony. We weren’t sure if we ourselves had the stamina to endure it, it was as though there was one final boring lecture to prove ourselves worthy of our diplomas.

Thanks to everyone who came and supported us the day of graduation and those countless others who supported us in the years it took us to get to graduation.


Joe receiving his diploma cover.


Me with the dean of my college, whom I’d never met.


We made it!


We were so glad Joe’s mom was able to make it to graduation.


Couldn’t have ever made it without these people!


We were pleased that a grandparent from each side of my family was able to come.


I was also able to walk at the same time as my former roommate who is finishing up her Masters degree.

All in all it was a good day and a great feeling to have finished something that has been a goal for so long.

All photos were taken by my mother Cindy McConkie.


With the start of my internship, I have become a commuter. It is not a decision that I would have made, but for the sake of my education (aka not having much choice in where I was placed for my internship) it is what I must do. To save on gas, avoid putting mileage on our car, and be a little environmentally friendly; I commute via public transit. Even though it nearly doubles my commute time, it does have some benefits. I use my time commuting to read, analyze the behaviors of rogue teenagers, get into awkward conversations with strangers, or to simply think about life.

Here I am, ready to venture into the world of public transit.

In honor of my commuting, it seemed appropriate that we buy a killer deal from the local classifieds on a Timbuk2 bag called the Commute.


The Countdown Begins

This last week Joe and I began the final semester of our undergraduate careers. It was not pretty. Since both of us get to work for free for our internships, Joe has selflessly switched shifts at his job to the evening. He gets to attend his internship from 8 am to 5 pm and then work at his bus job from 6 pm to 12:30 am. Luckily the evening shift is not too busy and Iโ€™ve been able to tag along and spend some time with my husband.


As with anything new, there were many challenges. Joeโ€™s included getting sick for two days, deciding between using public transit or our car for commuting, finding time to eat, finding time to sleep, finding time to shower, and finding time to breathe. My challenges have included waiting three days to get my security badge activated in order to enter and exit the building at will, not having a key to the bathroom or staff office, learning the names and roles of the staff and the clients, and calling IT to reset my password and email twice.


The good news is, we made it. We are both excited to continue to learn more about our chosen professions through our internships as well as being that much closer to actually being paid for what we do. Thus we are brought one step closer to graduation, thirteen weeks left for Joe, fourteen weeks left for Hope.