Oven Mitt Surgery

It seems that there are some things that I will just never learn. Like how to keep my apartment clean for more than a day, the rules of football, how to roll my “R’s,” and how to not put my oven mitt on a hot stovetop. Fortunately most of those things I don’t care about that much. But the last one concerns me just a little. Once again I left my new oven mitt on the stove, luckily it did not light on fire this time, but it got a nice scorch mark on it. It looks like I will be working on this lesson for a while. In the meantime I decided to patch up my poor oven mitt.

Scorched Oven Mitt
Scorched Oven Mitt

I still had some leftover fabric from when I originally made the oven mitt. I cut out a square of the fabric, paired it with some more batting and quilted them together in a similar style to the original oven mitt.

Quilted Patch
Quilted Patch

Then I hemmed the edges of the patch to make it look a little more uniform.

Hemmed Patch
Hemmed Patch

Then I hand sewed the patch over the scorch mark on my oven mitt.

Patched Oven Mitt
Patched Oven Mitt

With the Oven Mitt surgery completed, I don’t think it looks too bad. I figure it will work until I someday learn the lesson of keeping flammable items away from extremely hot surfaces.


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