Hope and Joe are two crazy, in-love, adventure enthusiasts on the ultimate high adventure, family life! They met in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hope and Joe married in 2010. Four years later, they welcomed a new adventure buddy into their lives, Porter. In 2017, Theo joined the crew. Even though the journey is bumpy and mostly crazy, they love their family adventure!

Hope is a certified social worker who also makes beautiful baby clothes on her etsy shop.

Joe is a program coordinator at the challenge course at the University of Utah.

Porter is a wiggly little boy who loves to eat, explore his surroundings and avoids sleep.

Theo is a chatty character who babbles in musical tones.

Our mission is to encourage and promote adventure enthusiasm through living a fun, active life and documenting it through pictures and other posts about outdoor recreation, therapeutic recreation, running, gardening, do-it-yourself and getting out into our beautiful world.





About Joe 2016

It has been long overdue for another edition of “About Joe” and today is the perfect day to post this. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and finally arranged 30 songs that reflect my life, family and friends at this point in my life while building upon the original “About Joe” created more than …